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Alex Martin is from Barcelona and is very popular in the Spanish electronic music scene: As a producer his music is been released under numerous aliases in international labels such as F-Communications, Pagoda, Klang, Hypnotism, Playhouse, Geometrik, Pod Communication or Planet Rhythm. In his discography you can find jazz, techno, electronic music, breaks, hip hop, classic music. He has released music on several labels like Boozo / Madrid (several EPs), Minifunk / Barcelona (Some 12 inches and a double album) and Cosmos / Barcelona (3 albums as Alex Martin Ensemble) to name a few from more than 70 releases on different formats.

Credits:Alex Martin, Barcelona 2015.
Alex Martin aka @Oxident is a spanish Electronic Music producer with more than 20 years of career.
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Chime Lately

This is a kind of simple sound, but the original synth bass I’m trying to emulate here comes from the DX series from Yamaha. It went big on the TX81Z, a lot of people bought this module synth just for having this sound. In the ARP ODYSSEY you can get really close to it and I really like the “fatness” that the ARP ODYSSEY ads to any bass sound. I recommend having a listen to Orbital - CHIME to hear where my inspiration comes from Oscillator SYNC and oscillator frequency settings are crucial for producing this sound properly.


Duo C64 Chordlead

Well, my passion for the Commodore 64 is well known amongst my close friends. The Commodore 64 was the first synth I could afford, and there SID chip was an amazing training field for me when I was a kid willing to get into producing my own electronic music. I was amazed when I created this sound and realized I could play live two C64 kind of synth parts, and I started imagining my own space shoot’ed up game and how the music will be for the intro and the first part. Isn’t it super nice? I used the duophonic capabilities of the ARP ODYSSEY to create this splitted kind of patch. SQUARE LFO gives me the chord part, and the lead is using the really unique character of the SAW waveform coming from the ARP ODYSSEY.


Ody Suitcase

Did I told you we love cats? This one is pretty cool when it come out while playing and trying my ARP ODYSSEY. I’m amazed on the really organic character of this sound, it’s like it is sampled and played on one of those old 12bit sampling beasts. The ADSR is used for the intonation of the “voice” and oscillator SYNC is again very important in the final result. Try this with your cat or dog and be amazed!


Parrish Boogie

First, you like electronic music and dancing, you need to listen to MAN PARRISH - BOOGIE DOWN BRONX. I love that track and I tried to get close to the stacks and bass sounds on this amazing breaking track. This patch shows the power of the ARP ODYSSEY SAW waveforms and really like how you can tune your sounds with the amazing filter built in. The 4 step ENVELOPE on the ARP ODYSSEY is also something you will love at first hearing, very helpful when used with the VCF FREQ filter.


Spine Phutufunk

This one is not coming from any particular place, but future! :) I came up with this complex bass and lead sound just playing around with my ARP ODYSSEY once again. SAMPLE AND HOLD is the key for this patch, also notice the little touch or RING MOD I added and the combination of SQUARE and SAW waves. Seems that this little boy loves funk.