Music by ARP Odyssey

SOUNDS: Music by ARP Odyssey


Here are some videos of classic songs in which the ARP Odyssey has a part.

Space Truckin (1974)

Deep Purple

In the improvisatory section of this song, you can hear John Lord's solo featuring the Odyssey Rev1 as played at the 1974 California Jam(853~).Manipulating the sound in real time on stage was part of the analog style of the era.

Rocket Man (1972)

Elton John

This mellow song featuring the acoustic guitar includes a mild synthesizer sound used in the middle section(215~).Even for ordinary sounds that do not use modulation, the Odyssey's solid tone is distinctive.

Chameleon (1974)

Herbie Hancock

This is a well-known song from the 1973 album “Headhunters.” In this live performance, the Odyssey is used on the synth bass in the intro(243~)as well as for the noise-based sound used during the magical improvisation that develops from the middle toward the end(1053~).

Doctor Who Theme (1980)

BBC Radiophonic Workshop

This is the theme song of the science fiction television drama series “Doctor Who” produced in England by the BBC, which holds a world record for its long run. The video explains how this theme song was produced. Although the bass in the video is being created by another synthesizer, the Odyssey was used for the actual music. An Odyssey (Rev3 in the video) was also used to produce the lead sound and the sound effects.

Hymn (1982)


An Odyssey that appears to be a Rev2 is featured in the synth solo that can be heard starting in the second half of the song (316~). This sound uses oscillator sync, and admirably conveys the essence of the Odyssey.

The Hand That Feeds (2005)

Nine Inch Nails

The Odyssey Rev1 is used from the middle section through the second half(138~). A ring modulator is used in the solo-like section in the middle; this sound too, takes advantage of the Odyssey’s functionality.

Inca Roads (1974)

Frank Zappa

This song appears on the album “One Size Fits All.” In the intro, George Duke uses an Odyssey Rev1 to create a sound effect using noise (004~). Although it has nothing to do with the Odyssey, the technique used in this song's percussion part as well as the surreal claymation are also worth seeing.

Take The A Train

ARP Analog Synth Band

This is video of a television program performed by Mike Brigida and John Shykun who are very famous clinicians in '70 for ARP and other synthesizers. This rare video lets you hear not only the Odyssey but also the Quadra, Axxe, Pro DGX, and Electronic Piano.

The Robots (1977)


The band is not actually performing in this promotional video, but an Odyssey Rev1 is played by Florian Schneider.

Gates of Steel (1980)


This is live video from the early days of Devo. An Odyssey Rev3 can be seen with the keyboard setup.

Are Friends Electric? (1979)

Gary Numan (Tubeway Army)

This is video from a British television program. An Odyssey that appears to be a Rev2 is part of the setup.

Thousand Knives (1979)

Yellow Magic Orchestra

An Odyssey Rev2 and Rev3 are part of Ryuichi Sakamoto's setup. The synth solo in the second half of the song is played using the Odyssey Rev3's oscillator sync(423~), which is also frequently used for a lead sound in other songs. Haruomi Hosono's rig includes an Odyssey Rev2, which he uses for synth bass (045~).